Benedictine monks reside at the Dormition Abbey.

Benedictine monks reside at Dormition Abbey.

During my time at Tantur, I had many opportunities to experience a variety of liturgies and liturgical traditions.

  • Melkite.  On my very first weekend (September 13), the Tantur participants visited the Greek Catholic (Melchite) patriarchate.
  • Greek Orthodox.  I participated in Mass at the Greek Orthodox monastery of Mar Elias near Tantur on September 20.
  • Benedictine.  Jacqueline Mazoyer led us to Dormition Abbey for sung evening prayer in German with the monks on September 23.
  • Latin Catholic (Arabic).  On October 3, I walked to St. Catherine Church in Bethlehem for the Feast of St. Francis.
Two cantors sing at Mar Elias Monastery.

Two cantors sing at Mar Elias Monastery.

  • Benedictine.  On October 11, Jacqueline Mazoyer arranged a trip to the town of Abu Ghosh to hear the Benedictine monks and nuns sing in French at the Crusader Church. On November 12 we went to Ein Karem.
  • Cistercian.  Jacqueline led us to Latroun Abbey for the Mass in French.
  • Russian Orthodox.  On October 19, we visited the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Mary Magdalene, and on October 24 we returned for evening prayer.